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The All Results Journals: Biol publishes articles and reviews with negative results in the field of Biology (pure and applied). This journal represents the first total open access source for research concerning negative results and will be a valuable resource for researchers all over the world; experts and those new to the field alike. Our immediate goal is to provide scientists with responsible and balanced information in order to advance faster, improve experimental designs and clinical decisions.

Many journals skew towards only publishing “positive” data; that is, data that successfully proves a hypothesis. The All Results Journals: Biol is the home for negative or “secondary” data: experimental documentation of hypotheses that turn out not to be true, or other experiments that do not lead to an advance of a specific hypothesis but are, nevertheless, a true rendering of that experiment.

There is a huge untapped resource of experimental data locked up in laboratory notebooks that could be of great service to the scientific community at large. Many experiments fail to produce results or expected discoveries. This high percentage of negative research can still generate high quality knowledge. The main objective of The All Results Journals: Biol is to recover and publish these valuable pieces of scientific information.

To submit an article please review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting. .

Use of the The All Results Journals:Biol template is required for all submissions. 

Authors' benefits 

Total Open Access: Free and permanent access without barriers offers the potential for high visibility and higher downloads and citations. Authors can retain the copyright to their article allowing third parties to freely reuse and distribute if correctly attributed.

Rapid Publication: Online submission, peer review and production makes the publishing process simple and efficient. In addition, all articles are published immediately on acceptance.

NO Publishing Fees: The Society for the Improvement of Science (SACSIS) removes cost of publication from individual authors. No extra charges for color figures or supplementary material.

High Visibility: Total Open Access ensures maximum exposure for an author's work.

Permanent Archiving: Articles are indexed in major bibliographic indexes.

No Space Constraints: Publishing online means unlimited space for figures or extensive data.

Access Tracking: Authors have access to information about the number of times people view or download their article, and can track the progress of their manuscript pre- and post-publication.

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